Testing out some new gear, this time the Sony hx200v,
Even if quality not the same as dslr still a very nice camera.

Here is one photo of the moon yesterday:


Finally we got some serious northern lights, and the weather was good too.

A CME hit Earth's magnetic field on March 17th.
The impact sparked a moderately strong (Kp=6) geomagnetic storm that sent Northern Lights spilling across the northern hemisphere.
Here are some pics from yesterday: , Location: Masku/Finland, cam sony A580:




Some extreme weather. Almost third day of continuous snowfall...

Here is latest radar image:




Has been quiet for a long time but now the forecast show a deep low for saturday,
heavy snowfall & some strong wind gusts predicted.

Here is latest gfs:



Over the weekend, significant snowfalls are predicted.
The never ending winter. . . . . Feels like this every year.

Looks like the snowfall is starting today, as seen on latest radar image :



Latest sat image today 15:54 The storm system is clearly visible

Looks like a row of quite deep lows are coming in.
The first one 960mb will impact Finland tomorrow Wed,30JAN2013.

Have not seen this much activity in a long time.



Deep low 940-960 mb
Impact date would be Tue,29JAN2013 or Wed,30JAN2013

Gfs shows some very strong winds. But still a few days to go.
Will keep you updated.




Here are some photos from Saturday morning in Masku Dew-point: -32.4 °C



The polar vortex has slowed down. As a result we have very cold weather.
No idea how long this will last but looks like February 2013 will be a cold one.

This morning:

Temperature: -20.1 °C (-4.2 °F)
Dew-point: -20.4 °C (-4.8 °F)
Relative Humidity: 97 %
Wind: 2.1 m/s from East-Northeast (4.70 mph)
(Wind chill: -26.1 °C -15.0 °F)
Solar Power: 6 W/m² (800-1000 W/m² is a sunny day)
Barometric Pressure: 1028.0 hPa (30.38 inHg)
Total Rainfall today:
(ie since 00:00 UTC) 0.0 mm )

Nice sunrises but this is not my type of weather.

If you want something to read visit:

The structure of a supercell


Released a new video today. (three years of storm chasing)

Nothing new on the weather front. The polar vortex is slowing down and as a result it
is getting colder. But how cold will it get ?


Here is one photo from new years eve.
No storm forecasted for the next two weeks.


It is the last day of the year. The New Year brings little cheer for winter lovers..
Bands of wet and windy weather will pass .
Possible on Friday a storm system will impact western parts of Finland..

Looks like 2013 begins with the same wet and windy weather conditions.
There has been a lot of talk about very cold air mass moving in from nothern Russia but
cant see it on any gfs as far as 15.01.2013.

Yes it will get colder but nothing extreme, so to say:)

Lets hope summer 2013 will be warmer then the last one.
Happy new year to everyone..

Here is one photo from last weekend taken at iitti:

If storm warning issued for friday will post something.

Here is latest gfs for Friday 04.01.2013



Predicted a new storm system that will effect us 24-25.12.2012
A low pressure is squeezing against this strong high pressure centred over Russia,
This kind of situation favor the development of strong storms.
But we will see what will happen. Nevertheless quite interesting weather patterns right now.

will keep you updated.

here is latest gfs. click on image for "gif animation"

Here is one video from 15.12.2012 A lot of snow came down and some strong wind gusts.


Finland’s first winter storm, Antti, rampaged across the south of the country on Friday.
The blizzard dumped dozens of centimetres of snow in coastal areas, making roads treacherous for motorists.
High winds downed trees on power lines, plunging tens of thousands of households into darkness. Pedestrians also struggled to make progress against the powerful gusts.
Travelers on passenger ships were rattled by protracted crossings amid choppy seas and powerful head winds.
I only wonder why the ferries even left harbour in the first place?

Here are some photos from that day, (the two last ones are from local newspaper)



Latest GFS shows a winter storm on Its way. Less then 24 hour to go.
This could be the most powerful storm of this winter season

Strong winds with heavy snowfall will make this a storm to remember.
People living outside the citys could be 2-3 days without electricity after this thing hit us.

This storm could be downgraded but the latest
gfs-trend do not show any weakening. It's the other way around...

Will release a gfs animation on thursday .



The gfs for Friday show quite strong winds for southern parts of Finland.
Will be quite cold because of the wind-chill factor.


Weather is quite unpredictable right now, but looks like a major cool down is on it,s way.

(photo taken 24.11.2012 at ruissalo. )

Warnings for the next 2–5 days

Updated 27.11.2012 3:56 local time
Early warnings for sea areas
No warnings.
Early warnings for land areas
No warnings.
Road weather on main roads
In the southern part of the country on Wednesday and Thursday,
probability for very bad road conditions is 30 % because of snow.

27 Nov 2012 05:51 NOAA 15 SAT IMAGE.:


Colder weather forecasted. Looks like the winter is finally here.
On tuesday or wednesday the snowfall will start could be toppled by a slight gust of wind :)




Released a new gfs video today, colder weather forecasted.
No storm forecasted for next two weeks.


No storm forecasted for the next 10 days. Also this same warm weather just seems to continue.
Working on a new gfs animation page.
It can be found here:

Will try to release a timelapse as soon as any interesting is happening.


The long time gfs released today shows a very strong low heading for Scandinavia.
IMost likely this scenario will not come true. But as I always say. We will see what will happen...



Quite strong winds forecasted for today as can be seen on latest gfs.

Here are some photos after the snowstorm that occurred 26.10.12


First Snowfall: 2012 Autumn

The first of what may be two snow events occured last night.
The western and southern parts of Finland got some heavy snowfall and more is on it,s way...
The so called "Lake-effect" is quite strong because the sea is still quite warm.

Will upload some photos from these days later.

Here is one photo from yesterday:.


Latest update shows a change in this forecast as expected.


The gfs forecast show a very strong polar low forcasted for 24.10.2012.
But I think they can't predict the weather 5 days in advance. But nevertheless quite interesting:)


Have not posted anything for a long time.
Looks like the first "autumn storm" is on it,s way.

Current Temperature is (5 degrees C) warmer than normal, this has the potential to become a strong storm but we will see what will happen......

Here is the gfs forecast for friday.




As predicted a multicell storm arrived 27.08.2012 in the middle of the night.
It caused some flooding in Turku.
Was to tired to wake up in the middle of the night to film lightning.

Had the "day off" from work so I spent it chasing the same storm system at daytime.

The storm cell was not so active anymore, but it offered amazing spectacle in the sky - the "Whales Mouth", followed by heavy rains.

Here is a short video from that chase:


And here are some photos :




Forecast looks promising for 27.08.2012, sbcape j/kg over 1000.
Could be the last t-storm this season. So dont miss this one:)

Here is the gfs map:




During the next days there will be some weak thunderstorm activity, mainly daytime driven storms.
In beginning of next week cold weather approaches from the North and this season is nearing its end.

Here is a photo taken near "Raisio" in the afternoon 16.08.2012.
Quite nice cell but did not have time to chase this one. There should be similar activity today.



Estofex issue a level 1 warning for the next 24 h

Unstable warm sector spreading to the north/northeast.

Augmented LL shear and low LCLs inidcate an enhanced risk
of an isolated tornado event during the night,
next to an isolated large hail and strong wind gust event with strongest storms.
The risk continues beyond 06Z.



Every summer I release a t-storm video compilation. Here is the one for Summer 2012.
A very cold and rainy summer and did not get so much caught on tape.



Here is a video from the severe t-storm that hit us 29.07.2012 (video quality not the best)

The thundery front from the Baltic region advanced on south-western and southern Finland
as well as Ostrobothnia.

A record amount of lightning activity was recorded during the night,
as well as exceptionally strong winds in sea areas.



The setup for this weekend just look incredible.

SBCAPE over 2500 J/kg and Lifted index - 7,5/-8
I will be located in "Perheniemi" for the whole weekend and have my
camera ready.

There will be power outages and storm damage. ...
Wind gusts to 60 mph and one-inch sized hail will also be possible

Here is latest gfs forecast for Sunday.




Gfs-forecast from different sources predicted some high instability for 7.7.12 ==> 8.7.12.
Also Media warned the public for severe t-storms. But it all ended up as a cluster of small
rain wrapped cells on Sunday evening.

Belive that strong inversion prevented convection to develop in to anything big.



Forecast show some strong instability.
Latest gfs-forecast for 7.7.2012 18:00 :cape j/kg 1500-2000
Estofex will issue a Level 1 or level 2 warning for western parts of Finland.

On Friday finwrf "Simulated 1000m" forecast will give a more accurate picture of what will happen.


Still many days to go but the forecast for Saturday 07.07.12 looks very good.
If the forecast do not change I would expect a level 1 or level 2 to be issued from



Some photos from yesterdays weak t-storm, will release a video later.


Cape j/kg 500 for western parts of Finland today.

Here is the cape forecast for today:

And here is finwrf "Simulated 1000m" forecast:




Not any t-storm this time but rain-cell with nice structure, filmed 19.06.2012.
Video from that day can be found here

Here are some pictures from that day:



These beautiful mammatus clouds were filmed near Masku/Finland
16.06.2012 in the afternoon,a low pressure arrived from the west over Finland.
However the precipitation got stronger after it moved more eastwards.



Released a new timelapse filmed 06.06.2012.
No t-storm to talk about just another mediocre convective day,but still some nice clouds.




Gfs-forecast show some week instability for the whole week.
There has been some nice convection almost every day and some short lived t-storms.
Will release some video material from these days later.

Pauli Jokinen announced a new gfs forecast tool.

It shows a 36 hour forecast and a horizontal simulation as close as 4 km
Still in beta stage but recommend you give it a try :)


Here is one photo taken 02.06.2012 (location masku)
A quite powerfull low-presure system passed over Finland .

Here is a video from that day

The forecast for June dont look so good. Colder then normal weather.
In the end of July hopefully warmer weather


Here is temp chart for June 2012:



Here is a radar loop from todays t-storm



Estofex issue a level 1 warning for tomorrow 17.05.2012. The first one for Finland this season.

(you can read the estofex forecast for Finland here )





Things are finally starting to look interesting. For Thursday 17.05.12 Western & Southern Finland
The gfs forecast show CAPE in the order of 500 J/kg. The forecast may change but so far looking good.

Here is the latest gfs map:


Not so clear skies but got one shot of the super moon or so called (perigee moon)

5.5.2012 cam Sony hx1,


The first t-storm this season occurred today. Location :Pori, Unfortunately no time to chase this one.
Low cape but still a few strikes can be seen on radar. This storm also produced some hail which indicate strong updraft.

Here is a radar image taken today 19:45



Released a new timelapse video today.

Filmed with sony A580. Most of the video material was filmed 09.04.12.
It was the first day with some low-CAPE convection..


here is the video:, enjoy :)






After a few weeks of quite warm weather things are about to change.
Possible it could go down to - 15 degrees next week.

Tomorrow predicted scattered snow fall.

Still the spring is definitely on its way and the cold air mass is not here to stay.

Here is one photo from todays rain cell here in masku.



The forecast for friday (02.03.2012) shows the next storm is on it's way.
Predicted over 25m/s for western parts of Finland.

Still possible that the strongest winds will stay out at sea.

Here is the forecast map



Only a few days since the last storm hit us and today another snow blizzard on it,s way.
This one looks quite impressing on radar image taken this morning.


A snowstorm is expected to make landfall tomorrow (18.02.12).
Predicted wind speeds above (20 m/s), gusts up to (25 m/s) in western parts of Finland.
Forecast may change, we will see what will happen :)

Here is latest forecast map :


Just released a new experimental photography site::


Very cold air over Finland right now. Even day temp staying at -20 celsius degrees.

Here is a photo of the sunrise this morning.
This kind of weather create some colorful sunrises and sunsets.

Location masku/finland camera Sony a580 iso 200, 18mm f14


A strong area of high pressure, 1056 mb, has formed over the Siberia region of Russia
This week the same system is affecting scandinavia and give us some very cold temperatures.
By the end of this month warmer weather predicted.

Testing my new hänhel Giga T pro remote controller for sony A580.

Here is one shot

ISO 200, Tamrom 24mm, location Turku



Here is another photo taken later that morning when driving thru Turku.

[ISO 200, F7, Tamron 18-200mm, location Turku:

This shot was taken 16.01.2012 in the morning hours. Testing my new dslr sony a580.
Very happy with the overall quality of this camera and hd video quality is fantastic.
[ISO 400, F7, Tamron 18-200mm, location masku/seikelenätie]



Uploaded some random photos taken summer-winter 2011.
they can be found here:





Gfs forecast show a new storm system moving towards Scandinavia.
It will reach Finland 04-01-2012 - 05-01-2012
Looks like this one will be as strong as the one that hit us on Boxing day.

Here is the latest gfs forecast map.


Here are some "long exposure" photos from some New Year's Eve fireworks.
camera : sony a580



This year is coming to an end. Wish you all a happy new year.
It looks like another strong storm is on it,s way.



Energy companies Fortum and Vattenfall said over 240,000 of their customers were suffering blackouts.

In western Finland average winds speeds reached 28.5 metres per second in Kaskinen with gusts up to 35 m/s also reported.
Gusts as high as 31.5 m/s were recorded in Espoo on the south coast
Finland has not experienced such an intense storm since 2004.

Here are some pictures taken at "Masku" showing the damage "Dagmar" left behind.

will upload some video material later..


Some pretty rough weather to come....

Some are talking about the strongest storm this year, with winds up to 35m/s. But we will see what will happen. Also another deep low forcasted for 27.12.2011

For the first time ever "estofex" issues a level 1 warning for scandinavia at wintertime.

radar image 16:39 25.12



We are expecting the first real snowstorm this winter season to hit us tomorrow.
It could all come down as rain but i have a feeling it will become a blizzard.

Warnings: Western part of Northern Baltic: South to southeast storm 25 m/s. Eastern part of Northern Baltic, Sea of Åland and Sea of Bothnia: South to southeast severe gale 23 m/s.

Radar image taken today in the evening:




Haven't posted anything for awhile.
Almost the end of November and still no snow!!

Here is todays storm warning:
Warnings for the next 24h

Updated 28.11.2011 7:19 local time

Warnings: Eastern part of Northern Baltic:
West to northwest severe gale 23 m/s. Gulf of Finland,

Wind warning for land areas: In provinces Varsinais-Suomi, Satakunta,
Uusimaa, Kymenlaakso and South Karelia today, strong winds from the northwest
may bring strong gusts of 20 m/s.




Season nearing its end, early this morning i filmed a small t-storm.
This cell had some strong lightning out at sea but as soon
as it made landfall it was the end of it. The morning sky looked amazing.

Photo taken with sony hx1 panorama mode: location masku/finland

Short video here



New panorama photos uploaded from mesocyclone that occurred 31th of August.


The 31th of August i finnaly filmed a funnel cloud after years of chasing storms.
More info about that chase can be found here :

click here for youtube video


A small t-storm occurred today. Belive this was the last storm this season.
Will upload some video and pictures of this storm later.

panorama shot can be found here


Filmed some nice noctilucent clouds 01.08.2011
Here is one shot:



The forecast for today is looking good. Estofex issued a level 1 warning
covering Southern and Western parts of Finland.

Latest models that indicate CAPE in the order of 2000 J/kg.

A short-wave trough currently over the Balkans will spread north-eastward. Thunderstorms are forecast especially along the frontal boundary. While the mid-level winds are quite weak, the storms will move slowly and will pose a threat of excessive precipitation. Additionally, large hail is
forecasted with the stronger storms that may also produce isolated severe wind gusts.


Got some nice "shots" from a small "mcs" that passed by 23.7.2011.
( location: masku/finland)
Will upload some more pics when i have time.

Pictures can be found here

And here is a video from this event.


Forecast for today not showing same scenario as yesterday but
still very hot and caped environment, anything is possible. Estofex issued a level 1 for this area.

Here are some pics from yesterdays storms.




Severe Weather Possible July 21-25.
Radar image from this morning shows two quite strong cells that developed in the morning hours. Estofex issued a level 1 warning for this area. Cant hit the road because taking care of my child whole weekend.:(

ESTOFEX: Moist and warm air masses will spread into the Baltic States, Finland,
and the eastern Baltic Sea. Diurnal heating will result in instability given
the rich low-level moisture and rather steep mid-level lapse rates.
Thunderstorms are forecast to develop especially near numerous
convergence zones that can build due to the sea breeze and outflow-boundaries.

I,am located at "masku" near "turku" here are some photos i took this morning.
The cell went over Turku 18 km from where i,am located.

(Click on Image for Bigger Picture ...)



Starting on Friday very unstable air is reaching the South of Finland.
This could be some of the most active days this summer.

Belive Estofex will issue a level 1 or level 2 warning.


Have been to busy to upload any new videos or photos.
Got some nice footage from the storms that occured 01.07 - 03.07.2011

Cape J/kg forecast for Saturday is once again hitting the roof :)




Iincredible hot and humid weather. A pain to be at work..
If any mcs will occur, will try to film it. sbcape J/kg 2000 :)

Temperature: 27.7 °C (81.9 °F)
Dew-point: 19.4 °C (66.9 °F)
Relative Humidity: 61 %
Wind: 4.1 m/s from South (9.17 mph)
(Wind chill: 27.7 °C 81.9 °F)
Solar Power: 589 W/m² (800-1000 W/m² is a sunny day)
Barometric Pressure: 1023.1 hPa (30.23 inHg)



A strong low pressure system is currently developing over the Baltic-Sea.
On Thursday 23.06.2011 it will make landfall..
Finnish weather agency are predicting wind gusts over
(25 metres/second, 50+ miles/hour)



Sat:13 June : filmed rotating cloud with somekind of lowering. Video quality not the best.
Was in the middle of the night. After the cloud pass by we got some hail and a few lightnings..



New video released. Convection timelapse filmed 11.06.2011


On June 7th at 0641 UT, magnetic fields above sunspot complex 1226-1227 became unstable and erupted. The resulting blast produced an M2-class solar flare,

This is the biggest flare in 5 years and it will trigger a huge geomagnetic storm on June 9th.
more info at

An incredible video of this event can be found here:



Latest forecast for Friday downgraded to 500 j/kg.

The next day is looking better
(Sat 11 Jun ) cape 2000 J/kg in parts of Western Finland.
The supercell model is even indicating something could happen.

But we will see... .. ..

Here are the forecast charts: :




Next week is looking quite interesting.

Warm, unstable air is approaching Finland in the middle of the week. (08.06 =>> 16.6 )

The potentially unstable air could possible trigger MCS in the end of this period.
This forecast may change but so far it's looking very good.

Here are the forecast maps.



The first level 1 warning for Finland this summer.
Estofex warning issued ( A level 1 was issued for Southwestern to Central Finland mainly for severe wind gusts and tornadoes.)

Here are the radar images from this day:

radar image 01.06.19:00

radar image 01.06.18:15

radar image 01.06 15:15

radar image 01.06 14:15

radar image 01.06.13:15

It was later classified as a supercell storm.
more info here

Here is a video from the downburst..




The North of Finland is getting some nice t-storms today.
Even possible "mcs" predicted.

Radar image 20.05 15:30

Filmed some convection 12.05 but still no t-storms to talk about in the South.
Will release a new video soon.



Forecast for 12.5 =>> 16.5

Some unstability forecasted, but will it be enough
to produce any t-storms? I dont belive so.

Anyway here is the forecast map:




New timelapse released.


Video filmed 30.4.2010. We got some hail and Euclid detected a few lightning
strikes. But no t-storms occured.














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