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Atmospheric instability
Published on 14 Jun 2013

Time-Lapse compilation, filmed in Finland may-june 2013


04.06.2013 estofex level 1 w-finland
Published on 11 Jun 2013mcs chase to riihikoski.
Photos from this day here:


06.06.13 (hail storm)

Published on 10 Jun 2013

6.6.2013 driving in to a hail storm after work . Bad edit, maybe will make a better version one day


Published on 3 Jun 2013

singel cell t-storm 31.05.2013 location Mietoinen/FInland

30.05.2013 location Masku// timelapse of dying t-cell.
17.05.2013 t-storm
Three years of storm chasing, video compilation
amazing spectacle in the sky - the "Whales Mouth"
Filmed 27.08.2012 location: Finland //Nummi-Pusula
Summer 2012 ( Thunderstorm compilation)
filmed during summer 2012 in Finland.
cam: sony hx1, , Sony a580 , Aiptek h5
edited with Sony vegas 10
t-storm filmed 29.07.2012 , location: Nousiainen/Finland
((Sorry for bad video quality. ))
26.06.2012 (timelapse)
19.06.2012. Raincell with some weak rotation,Nousiainen/Finland cam : sony A580,
These beautiful mammatus clouds were filmed near Masku/Finland
16.06.2012 in the afternoon,a low pressure arrived from the west over Finland.
However the precipitation got stronger after it moved more eastwards.
06.06.2012 Convection Timelapse
Filmed in Masku/Finland, cam: Sony A580 & Aiptek H5
09.04.2012, Timelapse video , First day with some low-CAPE convection
12.9.2011 (masku/finland)
The end of a storm.
Timelapse of funnel cloud filmed near Turku at Kuusisto 31th August 2011.
More info about this day can be found here:
Summer 2011 (thunderstorms) video compilation
23.07.2011 tstorm masku / finland
13:06:2011 filmed rotating cloud with somekind of lowering.
Convection timelapse filmed 11.06.11
Timelapse filmed 30.04.2011 (camera sony hx1)

Low cape 13.05.2011
Cape hovering around 300/400 J/kg. Timelapse filmed in Turku/Finland

Spring clouds 30.3.2011
The first timelapses filmed in the morning hours and the last one with low convection filmed in the evening

Summer 2010 (thunderstorms) video compilation



A level 1 was issued for the W Baltics and S Finland mainly for tornadoes...
.W Baltics, S Finland...


August 2010


14 July 2010

Over edited convection timelapse filmed in Turku 14 July 2010


14 July 2010

This was no wall cloud more like roll cloud filmed in Turku "14th of July 2010"



July 6th to July 9th
capped environment,


1st July 2010.

1st July 2010. ( a day with heavy thunderstorms in the north of Finland. Over 8000 cloud-to-ground lightning strokes) In south we only got some nice looking clouds. But a nice day for cloud spotting. lol:)
Added: Mon 05 Jul 2010 14:08:06 PDT


Filmed 26.6.2010

Some convection. Filmed in Turku/Finland ... 26.6.2010 Small thunderstorms developed not far from Turku but nothing major. .
Added: Sun 27 Jun 2010 11:28:00 PD


The birth of a Thunderstorm

Filmed in Turku 18.5.2010
Added: Thu 20 May 2010 13:44:01 PDT


13.5. 2010 Thunderstorm. The first day with high cape here in Finland . Several thuderstorms developed. We filmed video clips and took photos of this storm system at Luumäki near Kouvola.


Convection filmed in turku 25.4.2010
Added: April 27, 2010, 12:06 PM


20.4.2010 Low CAPE values and some convection. Filmed in Turku/Finland
Added: April 22, 2010, 02:20 PM


Early spring convective clouds.
CAPE index 50/100 J/kg 13.4.2010. Filmed in Turku.
Added: April 15, 2010, 12:27 PM


spring clouds 2010
Added: March 14, 2010, 11:52 AM




SUNRISE 27.1.2010 /Finland/Turku Aiptek AHD H5 Extreme. TImelapse video
Added: January 28, 2010, 11:06 PM