Here is a short brief of this day.

Sb/cape was hovering around 300 J/kg. Did not expect anything special.
The warm airmass that we enjoyed a while a go was gone.

A weak low in the east was spinning developing cells towards the west coast..
Checked the radar in the morning and could see that some of those cells had
some weak lightning activity.

Here is the radar image: (click on image for bigger picture)


The first rain cells arrived in the morning hours.
his photo was taken about 11 o'clock in the morning
  A few hours later things started to look interesting  
The first storm spotted. This one had some good rotation.
Was in a hurry to pickup my wife and could not continue filming.
Just before i left i almost looked like it made ground contact.

One hour later I was still chasing the same cell.
Once again I felt like i missed the big action.

This lowering was lifting from ground when i arrived at
Kuusisto. Believe there was a funnel cloud in there.


I noticed after a while that i was filming the wrong part of this storm. On the left side
of me there was some strong rotation.

And there it was. The first funnel cloud i ever filmed and after 2 min my sony
hx1 battery was empty. I replaced the battery.
realized that I had almost missed the whole funnel.
'But got something caught on video.